We have been at the cutting edge of software for years. Topics such as GAIA-X, supply chain, data science and IoT keep us busy every day, both in the office and in our network.


Data is the future

"Whoever dominates the data will dominate the markets of the future."

Volker Kettenbach


We are experts in these technologies


Gaia-X is a European project to build a powerful, competitive, secure and trusted data infrastructure for Europe. Its goal is to shape the next generation of a European data infrastructure.


Kubernetes as an environment for container execution and orchestration in Google Cloud Platform.

Python (Flask/Django)

Python with its frameworks Flask and Django is the ideal language (not only) for the development of ai- and backend services.


For frontend development, we rely on Angular (web) or Ionic (mobile).

Data Science

We use Tensorflow/Keras as well as the products of the company Google (Vertex AI).


We use GitLab for the GIT repositories as well as ticket management and as a CI/CD system. GitLab opens up the agile cosmos to you like no other tool currently available on the market.

Google Cloud Platform

Our preferred environment for running microservices is Google Cloud Platform with its various IaaS, PaaS, and Saas offerings.

GNU/Linux Debian/Ubuntu

GNU/Linux and especially the distributions Debian and Ubuntu provide a stable basis for Linux services.


Databases such as MySQL, PostresQL or NoSQL systems such as MongoDB belong among our everyday tools

The COSMIC Toolkit is the cross section of our technologies

COSMIC (developed in Python) combines many other technologies such as SQL, noSQL, REST and Kubernetes into a unique software package. It allows us to start application development on a high performance basis. It saves us time, money and focus, so the real problem is always in the foreground.
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