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With our products Verivinum, the innovative database-service for the smart wine distribution and VinumAI, the intelligent software service for the future of wine, we help the global wine and sparkling wine industry to more successful products!

What makes us stand out

More than 25 years of experience with wine and software

Wine & Software

Vicosmo combines software technology and wine know-how in a unique way. Jasmin and Volker Kettenbach each bring 25+ years of experience in both fields and lead young teams of rising experts in each.

Products & services

With our products Verivinum and VinumAI and the toolkits COSMIC and ViCOSMIC we offer sophisticated software solutions for users as well as for developers in the wine and sparkling wine sector. For individual projects we offer a range of complementary services.

Business & Tech

Software technology is not seen by us as an end in itself, but as a success factor for the business development of modern companies. Our philosophy is, to combine the most modern technologies with professional competences to solve business problems.

"It is better to tackle imperfectly than to procrastinate perfectly."

The quote to the left is from Thomas Edison, the famous inventor of the light bulb. We too would like to help you invent something new, that will soon be as common and important as Edisons invention.
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