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Volker Kettenbach

Managing Director

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform. (TU Darmstadt)

As Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform. (Diploma in Business Informatics) and an entrepreneur in the Internet business, Volker has many years of experience with technical solutions.

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Jasmin Kettenbach

Senior Partner

Dipl. Ing. (HS Geisenheim)

Jasmin has over 25 years of experience in category management for wine and sparkling wine for the Aldi Group at Mack und Sch├╝hle AG, Owen/Teck and others.

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The "Software-Team"

We work every day to ensure that the software systems process all data as required.


The "Data-Team"

We ensure on a daily basis that all necessary data is available in the desired quantity and quality.


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