We are a

Software Manufacturer.

We help you close the gap between research and market maturity using agile software development. Data-driven business models and applications are our specialty.


How we support you

Use Case Development

We help you to develop a use case from your research results and ideas, the implementation of which becomes an attractive solution for your customers by means of modern full stack software development.

Architecture Development

We find a suitable application architecture for your use case that is not only functional but also technically up-to-date. With the help of our COSMIC toolkit we achieve a fast implementation.


We offer you a one-stop software solution (frontend, backend, design, UX) from concept to planning and implementation to successful operation. It is our specialty to start on a greenfield site.

The basis are our self-developed toolkits

COSMIC and ViCOSMIC (developed in Python) combine many other technologies such as SQL, noSQL, REST and Kubernetes into unique software packages. Both toolkits allow us to start application development on a high performance basis. This saves us time, money and focus, so the real problem is always in the foreground.
Our own products

"Most of the time is lost by not thinking things through."

A´╗┐lfred Herrhausen, german Manager and Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bank, 1930-1989

How may we support you?