The Verivinum Database Service is a comprehensive information system for the wine and sparkling wine industry

Wine & sparkling wine
Extensive observation of the wine and sparkling wine market and insights into competitive, product and strategy issues



Our own toolkit specifically for the wine and sparkling wine industry


Our own toolkit with highly specialized AI models

Google Cloud Platform

The ideal basis for modern software applications

Verivinum is the world’s first and unique database-service for wine and sparkling wine in supermarkets and discounters. It was developed by a team of experts with many years of experience in the wine and sparkling wine industry specifically to the needs of this supply chain.

We provide our clients’ sales, marketing and business development with data-driven industry insights - for faster and more targeted growth. Using Big Data tools, customers can create their own gap analyses and thus find the gap on the shelf. Verivinum contains assortment and promotional items from all German discounters and is updated weekly. Sales arguments are now based on verifiable data that can be vividly prepared with the Verivinum reports.

In an ongoing process, the system is further adapted to the requirements of our customers. Are you interested? Contact us, we are looking forward to the exchange.

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You would like to work with a wine AI yourself: Our system VinumAI with highly specialised AI models is the logical further development of Verivinum - and can be used for different industries.