Rapid development of apps or web applications with our own toolkit

Software Development
General software development in cloud native environments (web, app)


Python SQL / NoSQL / Elastic Docker / Kubernetes REST Angular Data Science

COSMIC combines many other technologies such as SQL, noSQL, REST and Kubernetes into a unique software package. It allows us to start application development on a high performance basis. It saves us time, money and focus, so the real problem is always in the forefront.

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The use of the different technologies makes the toolkit so adaptive for many other application areas. COSMIC, for example, is the basis on which we developed our product Verivinum. Our focus is on implementing research results and ideas quickly and cost-effectively, so that the technical challenges are in the foreground rather than considerations of technical implementation.

COSMIC accelerates technical product development and integrates modern data science technologies. It is a framework for transforming complex business processes and requirements into the digital world.