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Our Verivinum system is the world’s first and only database-service for smart wine sales in in supermarkets and discounters. Get deep insights into product and strategy questions through virtual store checks, individual market market research and customised reports.

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Our system VinumAI is a service with highly specialised AI models for different disciplines in the field of data processing for wine and sparkling wine products. It is suitable for a wide range of applications for the development of successful digital products in the wine and sparkling wine industry.

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ViCOSMIC is based on the COSMIC toolkit and complements it with a comprehensive collection of data structures and metadata to quickly and easily develop applications for the beverage industry with a focus on sparkling wine, wine and wine-related beverages.

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COSMIC is a toolkit consisting of several open source components with which it is possible to develop complex applications (web or app) quickly and easily. It allows to focus on solutions and the implementation of business requirements right from the start of a project.

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