We sell solutions

And we have worked ahead for that!

"You have a head start in life if you tackle where others talk first"

In the spirit of the quote from J.F. Kennedy on the left, we see ourselves as agile and solution-oriented.

Because we do not sell hours but solutions: our self-developed toolkits COSMIC and ViCOSMIC are the basis for this.

  • Projects do not start “from scratch”
  • Development times are significantly shortened
  • Our focus is clearly on the business question
  • Development costs are reduced
  • The path to the goal becomes shorter
Our technologies
Our strenghts

More than 20 years of experience


Our own toolkits COSMIC and ViCosmic are the basis for fast and cost-effective development.

We combine business & tech

As a trained banker and graduate in business informatics, founder Volker Kettenbach understands and combines both sides: Business and Tech.

Digital transformation

We enable you to tap into new digital worlds from the analog world and make them usable for employees and customers.

Supply chain expertise

Over the years, we have developed a high level of competence in the area of supply chains through corresponding customer projects and product development. Here in particular, it is easy for us to open up digital worlds for you.

We make data usable

We stand for a data-driven design of processes and business developments. Therefore, we not only collect data for you, but also make it operationally usable.


Through full-cycle development combined with Sysop/DevOps services, IT architecture consulting and data science, we offer the creation of state-of-the-art custom software systems from a single source.

"Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right."

P´╗┐eter Drucker, austrian-american economist (1909-2005)

Business Informatics

Business informatics is an indispensable discipline in our increasingly digitalized world. As a science, it deals with the development and application of information and communication systems in business enterprises, an area that has gained in importance in light of digitalization.

In the modern economy, digitalization plays a central role in optimizing processes, increasing efficiency and gaining a competitive advantage. Business informatics serves as a link between traditional business tasks and the opportunities offered by information technology.

Business informatics enables the design, development and implementation of IT systems that take into account both technical and economic aspects. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to driving forward the digital transformation in business enterprises and exploiting the benefits of digitalization. In an age in which data and information technology are shaping the business world, business informatics is thus a key area for the success and future viability of companies.

The founder is a business information scientist

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