About Us

Our mission

Giving you competitive advantages by creating perfect market transparency

Vicosmo offers a unique combination of wine know-how and modern market research by creating and analysing big data with the latest, innovative techniques.

By the systematic creation of knowledge and transparency in a more and more complex european wine market, we support you in choosing the better decisions.

Our mission is to support you in dealing with new challenges created by globalization and the internet. We have the answers that generate strategical and tactical advantages in the market.

Vicosmo is an important team member when it comes to:

  • KAM- and marketing-support
  • Product- and categorymanagement
  • Personal trendscouting
  • Strategic advisor

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We offer consulting- and data-driven-services for the category- and product-management on all levels of the world wide wine industry

Standard Market Research

Comprehensive observation of the market with regular taylor-made reports and personal advice

Premium Market Research

Extended monitoring and reporting with a special focus on product management in manufacturing companies


Additional services for solving singular problems


Advice on competition, product development and strategy issues


Why choose Vicosmo?

Here are good reasons to work with Vicosmo:

Stop wasting valuable time!

  • Be perfectly prepared as a KAM!
  • Know all the products of your competitors!
  • Present better to the customer!
  • Prepare tenders easily!
  • Avoid unnecessary weaknesses in your offers!
  • Avoid unnecessary flops!
  • Find gaps to fit your products!
  • Get to know the latest trands!

Twenty years of experience in the wine industry and a wide netork of experts are the basis of our know how.

Prepare your offers and presentations with the support of Vicosmo - you will find that the additional competence opens many doors.

Let us help you participate in tenders. You can avoid unnecessary flops!

Through our unique overview of the market, we will help you to find gaps in which your product fits!

Be ahead of the competition!

  • Know the market!
  • Know the players!
  • Know the products!
  • Know the trends!

With Vicosmo you'll now every detail about products, players and markets in a second.

Data specialists ensure that the right conclusions are drawn from big data collected by our researchers in a fine grained daily process.

Our continuous observation of the market will be your benefit!

Build better products!

  • Up to 60 product details
  • Details on packaging
  • HD product photos
  • Tasting results
  • Expert advice

Retail is detail!

Vicosmo enables you to "see" every detail of every product in the market.

With the expert advice of Vicosmo, these details will enable you to optimize your own products to better fit the needs of your customers.

Compile better categories!

  • Complete overview of the market
  • Filter by market segments
  • Filter by price / price-ranges
  • Compare categories
  • Compare regional details
  • Get expert advice
  • Build better categories

Vicosmo enables you to get an overview of all the products available on the market in the shortest possible time.

Several dimensions can be taken into account. Among other things, market segments, price segments or regional specifications can be included in the analysis.

Compare assortments, get advice from our experts and develop a better product range.

Management Team

Twenty years of experience in the wine and information industry

Jasmin Kettenbach

Managing Director
Sales & Marketing

Dipl. Ing. Hochschule Geisenheim

Volker Kettenbach

Managing Director
Finance & Development

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform. TU Darmstadt